Nintendo Suffers Chip Shortage: Switch Pro will be Delayed


Nintendo is suffering due to chip shortages. Like every other tech manufacturing company Nintendo is lagging behind their demand. The global chip shortage issue did not show any mercy to Nintendo as well.

Nintendo’s Suffering

Recently Sony confessed about their supply issue against the demand that they are receiving. Soon after PlayStation 5, Nintendo got on the edge. Nintendo’s President confirmed through a comment that due to Global chip issues, Switch production is shrinking. Therefore gamers might find it hard to get portable Nintendo consoles on the market soon.

“Due to the global shortage of semiconductor materials, we are not able to produce all the products we want to. We are doing everything we can, but there is an increasing sense of uncertainty about production plans.”

– President, Nintendo

Nintendo wishes to ship 25.5 million Switch consoles in this business period till March 31, 2022. However, the number is quite low compared to their previous business year. The company is eager to produce more but the availability of components is holding them back. Apart from that, Off-topic- Nintendo announced that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 was approaching release soon but in this situation, the release of the game will be delayed as well.

Wrapping Up

Nintendo Switch is still available compared to PS5, Xbox Series X, and other consoles. With semiconductor issues, the situation will be getting worsened. Do you know what’s worse than that? Switch Pro was going to be launched this year by Nintendo. Now not only the supply will be affected but the Switch Pro will be delayed as well. If you’re thinking of getting a Switch, you better head to the market Right now before the Nintendo switch shortage hits the market.

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