Nintendo Switch Clone: Qualcomm may work on this!


Nintendo Switches is awesome in the case of playing games. Portable gaming devices never lost popularity. The same goes for Nintendo Switches. Many companies tried to make similar products to hold the market but Nintendo is Nintendo. This time, Qualcomm may work on the upcoming Cloned Nintendo Switches which will run on Android 12. 

The Features

It has been leaked that Qualcomm is making a blueprint of an Android-powered game console that looks similar to a Nintendo switch. There are no leaked images yet. The controllers will be detachable on both sides. Considering present Android devices, It can be expected that the console will have video output support to other devices, a 6.55-inch Full HD display, an SD card slot, 5G connectivity, Bluetooth, a minimum of 6000 mAh battery, and definitely Fast Charging enabled. The console will be thick. Because a better thermal control unit will be placed inside.

Leaks and other progressive information suggest that the console will come in 2022 thus it will be powered by Android 12. There might be a custom launcher and Google Play support. Many a time Qualcomm talked to Epic games. Subjects under discussion were not leaked. Therefore, there might be a chance that Fortnite will be included in this Console. If Google allows then Qualcomm may include Epic Games App to the console which will give seamless access to the Epic games to this console users.

The Predictions

However, Qualcomm is working on a switched console. The design might match with Nintendo switches or maybe there is something totally new coming. There are a few Android-based consoles out there in the market. Otherwise few x86 based devices run on Windows to give such experience in gaming. 

Anyway, The expected Switch that Qualcomm is working on, will have an 888 series Snapdragon chipset. Qualcomm did not declare anything yet. The console may come with upcoming next-gen chips. The price approximate price will be somewhere between $300 – $450 based on variants.

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