Nintendo Switch OLED Model: The New Switch Announced

New Nintendo Switch OLED

Image By – Nintendo Switch

How about a Nintendo OLED Switch which is a Hybrid console as well? Yes, Nintendo recently announced a new OLED Switch OLED. Let’s see more about the Nintendo Switch OLED –

New Model

Nintendo’s new Switch is featuring a 7-inch OLED display. The current Nintendo Switch has a 6.2-inch LCD but the new one has great improvements with the size and the technology. Speaking of upgraded technology, the Nintendo Switch OLED model has vivid colors, a wide color range, better brightness, and potentially handles smoother gameplay. However, there will be the old 720p resolution on the new Switch that you won’t notice. Apart from that, bezels are smaller, overall size is wider than previous models.

Nintendo finally listened to their consumers. New Switch comes with 64GB internal storage. Nevertheless, you can use an SD card on it to roll with more games. OLED Switch features in-built speakers with enhancements. There’s a kickstand at the back for adjusting viewing angles as well.

Tabletop Mode

Not only the Switch but also the dock has been upgraded this year. It is worth mentionable, there is a new Ethernet port on it. Gameplay on wired connection is much faster and smoother of course, why missing that in 2021? The dock is also redesigned. Rounded corners and the size seems more reasonable now. One more thing here, when docked the Switch you will be able to get a 1080p resolution.

Color Options

Nintendo offers color options to choose from this time. The Switch OLED model will come with a White Joy-con and White dock. You can also pick the Neon Red/ Neon Blue Joy-con with Black dock. Moreover, all current Nintendo official games and accessories even the Joy-cons are compatible with the new OLED model as well.

Release Date & Pricing

Nintendo Switch OLED model will hit the market on October 8, 2021. You will be seeing a $349.99 price on the console which is fair for such upgrades from the previous models. However, there’re rumors that Nintendo might bring their new consoles in September. You know how tough it is to be patient for a game console.

Wrapping Up

Nothing is more wonderful than playing video games. Nothing is more wonderful than playing video games on a Nintendo Switch. Not to mention Switch OLED has added a different level of gaming. Stay tuned for more updates on Nintendo Nintendo Switch OLED and the complete review.



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