No More Surprises from LG Smartphones

LG quits smartphone business

LG is leaving the smartphone business. The company announced formally. Like many other technology companies, LG will be focusing more to grow electric vehicle components, connected devices, smart home appliances, AI, B2B solutions, consultations, and other services. 

Phones which are currently on the market will be on sale. LG promises to support these phones for a period of time which may vary based on the location. LG said less but mentioned about the closing of the business by this July.

Such an initiative was rumored for a few months. The company faced a number of ups and downs over a period of 5 years in their smartphone department. LG has a reputation for manufacturing very premium, high-end devices but could not survive the competitive market fighting with other brands like Samsung. Not only Samsung was the mentionable rival, but also Chinese brands. LG wished to make a profitable smartphone department in 2021 but did not step forward.

Reports are there that LG has been trying to get rid of the smartphone business for a long time. Even LG planned to sell the department in March. When such a rumor came to light, LG’s spokesperson denied the statement. Later on, LG officials confirmed that such chats were done inside LG.

LG has suffered from their high-end phones because of Apple and Samsung. On the other hand, their Low-end or budget devices were blown by the Chinese brands. but LG did really well in manufacturing some awesome devices over time. LG was the pioneer company that brought a number of newer designs on the market when no one else even thought about those mods.

– First ultra-wide-angle shooter in a smartphone was brought by LG.

– Full 1080p FHD video recording was the initiative of LG. 

– LG offered a triple SIM smartphone which no one even adds now.

– 3D display and the dual stereoscopic camera was also an LG initiation. 

– Who else could think of a Penta camera system before LG?

– The first curve and flexible display came to the market with LG.

Not to mention the teaser of the LG smartphone which was supposed to come this year was a unique idea though. 

Now a days, Tech competitions are really uneven. Companies had to suffer a lot to stay in the market beside the bigger ones. A mentionable number of reputed smartphone companies had to switch their business to some other departments which includes Nokia, Blackberry, HTC, and so on. They all came with the most peculiar and awesome designs but somehow could not make their way. LG was a warrior in the smartphone market with a lot of reputation. But at the end of the day, you need good revenue to survive in the market or switch business to make a better future for yourself. We give our best wishes to LG.

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