NVIDIA DLSS: New Era of Gaming Comes to More Games in July 1

NVIDIA DLSS Comes to More Games

NVIDIA DLSS is now available to 55 games that get enhanced performance and visuals. The list of games includes Call of Duty: Warzone, Control, Cyberpunk 2077, Fortnite, Metro Exodus PC Enhanced Edition, Minecraft for Windows 10, and more. There’re more entries for this list soon, Let’s Check out more-

The Game List

Earlier today NVIDIA announced NVIDIA DLSS is coming to Facepunch Studios’ one of the most popular survival games, Rust on July 1. However, Necromunda: Hired Gun Chernobylite has already got the compatibility. Tomorrow with a graphics driver update, Vulkan API DLSS on Proton will receive the feature as well.

In addition to that, there’re more games to receive compatibility soon, and they are- LEGO Builder’s Journey on June 22, DOOM Eternal on June 29, and the Red Dead Redemption 2 later on June. Apart from these, In June such support has been provided to The Persistence, Rainbow Six Seige, and No Man’s Sky. Unreal Engine 5 got the update as a plugin.

Compatibility with Game Engines

NVIDIA DLSS is now available to gaming engines like Unreal Engine. Back in February Unreal Engine 4 received the update. On June 17, Unreal Engine 5 got the support. Not to mention, Unity 2021.2 will soon receive support for NVIDIA DLSS. In addition to that, NVIDIA DLSS has now a number of in-house gaming engines brought by developers. This effort will make NVIDIA DLSS one of the most convenient gaming features soon globally.

NVIDIA DLSS Comes to More Game Engines


NVIDIA DLSS is nothing but an AI resolution algorithm-based program which is accelerated by the Tensor Cores of GeForce RTX GPUs. The main objective of NVIDIA DLSS is to enhance visuals and frame rate which will pull the performance of the game eventually. This algorithm can take a low-res video like 1080p and enhance the frames so that output is a 4K video. In the game, the 1080p renderings can be polished to 4K with this feature and what else do you need in 2021?

The thing is not so simple as it sounds, A 1080p game contains around 2 million pixels which is enhanced to a 4K output which is about 8.2 million pixels. So you see, the NVIDIA DLSS predicts a total of 6.2 million pixels when you’re playing a game with this feature compatibility.

The summary here is, now companies can optimize the actual render quality to make game size decent and more fluid gameplay. Having the DLSS compatibility gamers will get the hi-res output without even noticing anything. How cool is that!

To experience more about performance and visuals let’s see some games with NVIDIA DLSS-


Rainbow Six Seige

As a part of Year 6 Season 2 North Star update, Rainbow Six Seige received NVIDIA DLSS which enhanced overall game performance by 50% even at 4K in the Vulkan version. The frame rate seems 120+ for most of the time where normally without the feature frame rate hits 90 once or twice.

Necromunda: Hired Gun

First-person shooter game developed by Streum On Studio and Focus Home Interactive, Necromunda: Hired Gun launched with NVIDIA DLSS support earlier this month. This is one of the world’s most intensive games right now which has a crime-ridden merciless action-packed storyline. You can go nuts with this game and see how DLSS improved the performance.

No Man’s Sky

Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky is one of the examples where NVIDIA DLSS showed massive performance improvements with several noticeable visual upgrades during the gameplay. Even with VR mode, you can tell the difference. This game has shown 70% performance improvements without compromising anything. Updates are available for all now.

Next Update Comes on LEGO Builders’ Journey: June 22

LEGO Builders’ Journey is a game with advanced ray-tracing effects on it. The aesthetics of the environment has a light and shade blending where NVIDIA DLSS can mentionable show its magic. Being in an environment with Legos, rendering needs more effort in detailing. Vividity is a must when it comes to such an environment. You can clearly see the difference in visuals with and without the DLSS enabled.

Wrapping Up

The gaming industry is very dynamic and there’s something new every day. NVIDIA DLSS is going to begin a new era with performance and visuals. There are the two main aspects developers had to keep in mind while making a great game and now there’s a relief to that, NVIDIA DLSS. Stay tuned for more updates.

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