OnePlus 9T: Probable features to see soon

OnePlus 9 Pro

Since 2016, OnePlus has come with a “T” model every year. In 2021, there will be no exception to this. There might be a shortage of chipset and other issues but OnePlus won’t let us down. Here are some features that the OnePlus 9T might come with. Or these are the features people expect to see on the OnePlus 9T. 

Trifecta Shooter

For those who never had the good fortune to know about the Trifecta, it is a three-lens combination feature to capture a photo. Currently, the best photography can be obtained with trifecta. To have the trifecta, a smartphone has to have one high-quality main shooter along with a telephoto and a wide-angle cam. 

Just think when you can avail the feature with the Hasselblad lens as one of the three lenses! The OnePlus 9 series features a Hasselblad lens which is the main shooter, this series also features the best quality telephoto and ultra-wide shooters as well. OnePlus offers premium features these days, therefore, trifecta can be a feature OnePlus 9T to have in 2021. 

Under Display Selfie Shooter

This will not be the first time for OnePlus to bring such a feature in the market. The OnePlus 9T can come with an under-display selfie shooter. Remember back in 2016, when the OnePlus 6T featured the very first in-display fingerprint sensor? OnePlus had a solid year with that integration. Afterward, now maximum smartphones come with an in-display fingerprint sensor. 

However, Under display selfie shooter has already hit the market back in 2018. The issue with this technology is the picture quality. OnePlus however has a reputation to keep with their best quality photos. It is assumed that if the OnePlus 9T, by any chance comes with an under-display selfie shooter, won’t let users regret with the selfies for sure. Every year the T version of OnePlus devices comes with something new and something out of the box. As a result, OnePlus might come with an under-display selfie shooter this year. 

Faster Wireless Charging

OnePlus is doing pretty good with their 65W fast charging. Looking at fast wireless charging, nowadays people are fond of this feature. It would be a great regret if OnePlus thinks to avoid fast wireless charging for the OnePlus 9T. Things will be much better if OnePlus offers faster wireless charging with their 9T. It can be expected that the OnePlus 9T will come with a minimum of 25W fast wireless charging along with 65W fast charging of course. 

Updated Storage

Smartphone companies are offering huge storage options. Till now OnePlus had never set its foot out of the 256 GB zone. But now is the time to make things a little bit different. Looking towards Samsung and Apple, It is common that they are offering 512 GB variants with their flagship models. OnePlus is not a mid-range smartphone manufacturer right now. Therefore, the OnePlus 9T, as it will be coming this fall, might feature higher storage variants. 

Wrapping Up

Apart from all this, the OnePlus 9T will be coming with a higher refresh rate, the ring-vibrate-silent mode slider, and all other good features that the OnePlus 9 and the OnePlus 9 Pro have in common. There will be no headphone jack because this is 2021. Anyway, the above mentioned features might be coming with the OnePlus 9T. There might be some other productive features as well to come. Let’s wait and see how OnePlus will surprise everyone with the OnePlus 9T. 

Comment below if you know something more about the OnePlus 9T, Share your thoughts with us. Tell us, What you want us to cover next. We will be happy to hear from our Friends!

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