OnePlus Tag: The Smart Tracker of OnePlus

OnePlus Tag Leaks and Rumors

OnePlus Tag, the smart tracker that OnePlus is working on has some exciting features. Let’s check out What OnePlus is bringing soon. Here are all the OnePlus Tag Leaks and Rumors –

The Leak

After Samsung and Apple OnePlus seems to be interested in smart trackers. According to several leaks, OnePlus is working on a smart tag.

Certainly there are popular trackers like Tile, SmartTag, and AirTag. OnePlus is joining the party. To blend into the smart tracker market, OnePlus has to come up with something unique.


As OnePlus is working on a tracker, there might be Ultra-Wide-Band (UWB) compatibility for the upcoming OnePlus smartphones. If so, then current OnePlus smartphones will be nothing more than a brick to the OnePlus Tag.

The Patent

According to the leak, OnePlus has filed a patent for a tracker. Beijing Intangible Technology Co. Ltd filed the patent.

Apart from that, Shenzhen OnePlus Technology Co. has filed several other patents like OnePlus Pay, OnePlus TV, and OnePlus X. This points that OnePlus is working on a number of new products and outsourcing some of them.

Release Date

OnePlus seems serious about various smart products and items. OnePlus Tag is no different to a very intuitive small tracker these days. It is expected that OnePlus Tag will hit the market either at the end of 2021 or beginning of 2022 if everything goes as planned.

Intro to Smart Trackers

Smart Trackers are nothing but a item has you can attach with your belongings and track them when they are lost using your smartphone.

The smart tracker is smaller in size and has the ability to share location with the owner. As such, you can find your lost items provided you attached a tracker with it.

Wrapping Up

OnePlus has not spoke officially about the OnePlus Tag yet. It seems soon OnePlus will reveal the product and app compatible with it. Till then stay tuned for OnePlus Tag leaks and rumors.

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