PlayStation Controller for Smartphones: Patent by Sony

PlayStation Controllers for Smartphones by Sony
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Sony patents PlayStation Controller for smartphones. Sony believes that mobile gaming is getting bigger. The company feels to focus on mobile gaming as well. Let’s see more about the patent –

Some History

Remember the Xperia Play released by Sony back in 2011? At that time Sony wanted to gimmick the PlayStation controller. The Xperia Play had a controller consisting of a joypad and buttons. By sliding the device, the controller would come out and let the user play games with it.

Sony titled Cadillacs&Dinosaurs was a game that every kid loved. Even the Xperia Play had a smaller screen, low-quality resolution, and a moderate processor to handle the emulated game.

Mobile gaming wasn’t that popular back then but Xperia Play was amazing to have. Not to mention, Sony didn’t make another Play ever since. They focused on their mainstream gaming console lineup, the PlayStation. Later on, mobile games started to gain popularity.

The Motivation

Compared to those days, now you get 3D games with insane graphics quality. Intense gaming with advanced 5nm processors. Even some devices have 4K support for games. Consider games like PUBG Mobile, COD, Free Fire, and so on. A huge number of people are playing these games who are not even kids.

There’s a saying, “Necessity knows no law.” As soon as mobile games got popular, smartphone manufacturing companies started to make dedicated devices for intense gameplay. You can check out some gaming phones like ASUS ROG Phone 5 Pro and Lenovo Legion Duel 2. Sony doesn’t want to be left out.

Sony has its dedicated gaming console, the PlayStation, which is one of the most popular gaming consoles these days. The company decided to push things further in this sector. Thus, a patent of a PlayStation-like controller has been spotted for smartphones by the company recently.

The Controller

According to the patent found, Sony is thinking of a PlayStation-like controller for mobile devices. You will get buttons, joypads, and triggers. This is gonna be like the DualShock controllers that Sony offers now. Certainly, there will be no vibration feedback like the DualSense controllers on this one.

PlayStation Controller for Smartphones: Patent by Sony
PlayStation Controller for Smartphones Patent

You will be able to use the controller for all the games. Battle royale games like PUBG Mobile, PUBG New State, and FreeFire players will get the maximum advantage. Imaging, having physical triggers and pads while you play. Air triggers on gaming smartphones are fine but physical triggers are insane. Only a console player can feel the joy of this.

Sony’s Move

In October 2021, Sony approached a former Apple Arcade head of content, Nicola Sebastiani. This person will be working in a major position closely with the cloud gaming and such related development team. Furthermore, Jim Ryan, Head of PlayStation, confirmed more about Sony’s planning with mobile gaming. The company wants to play a major role in the mobile gaming universe now. Coming up with a smartphone-compatible controller is just the beginning.

“We have been thinking about how players enjoy our content and have had some early success with experimenting with mobile games and apps to provide more choice to gamers. Mobile is just one of the areas we are exploring to reach millions of gamers beyond our platforms.

PlayStation has a huge catalog of diverse first-party IP that can transition to smartphone gaming and complement our AAA games or live service games. We are exploring the mobile market with some wonderful PlayStation franchises so please stay tuned.” – Jim Ryan, Head of PlayStation Franchise

Wrapping Up

Mobile gaming is one of the most popular platforms for gamers these days. Not just the kids, even grown-ups are playing games on smartphones. Several people are making their living by streaming games online as well. Sony wants to take mobile gaming to the next level. Sometimes the mobile screen isn’t enough for a gamer. Stay tuned for more.

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