Pokémon Unite is Coming to Android and iOS on September 22, 2021

Pokémon Unite on Android and iOS
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Pokémon Unite has officially been announced, the release date for Android and iOS are on September 22, 2021. A year ago, the company announced the game for Android but didn’t mention when. Let’s check out more –


The game will be free-to-play but there are in-game purchases if you prefer to be sassy in the game with your Pokémons. There will be 5V5 matches and was inspired by the popular game known as League of Legends owned by Tencent. 

This MOBA-style game will have players on each team and two teams will fight against one another. Each team will be fighting with their Pokémons which has unique items and abilities to take down their competitors.

When battling, Pokémons can evolve and gain extra new abilities. When someone defeats opposing Pokémon or wild Pokémon, they drop Aeos energy, which can be collected and put to opposing teams”s goal for additional points. The team will greater points wins the battle, sounds simple but yet challenging.

In-game purchases

As speaking of in-game purchases, Pokémon Unite has a wide range of options to unlock more Pokémons faster, along with outfits for the Trainer. Not to mention, you can buy costumes or props for your Pokémon as well. After updating the game, new purchasable items and Pokémons will be available for all. Isn’t that great like Pokémon Go?

Wanna Get a Pikachu Now?

Not to mention pre-registrations are now open. You can pre-register to get awesome bonuses and that depends on how many player pre-registers. You see if over 1 million players pre-registers then everyone will get 1,000 Aeos tickets – the virtual currency of the game. If 2.5 million people are interested in pre-registration, each pre-registered player will get a Pikachu right away. However, for the 5 million and above pre-registration mark, there’s a special Holowear outfit for your Pikachu as well. To pre-register check the later section of this story.

Wrapping Up

It is worth noticing whether the cross-platform games will gain the same popularity as mobile-based games, the Augmented Reality themed Pokémon Go. Anyway, As leaks are coming out, eventually more information about the game and the launch will be out soon. Stay tuned for more updates about Pokémon Unite releasing on Android. Stay tuned for more Pokémon Unite updates for Android and iOS platforms.

For Pokémon Unite Pre-registration -
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