PUBG 2: All Leaks and Rumors

All PUBG 2 Leaks Rumors so Far
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PUBG 2 has some exciting leaks and rumors these days. Here’s everything to know about the future of battle royale by Krafton-

The Motivation

PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds AKA PUBG is the most popular battle royale for a while now. Releasing back in 2017, the game features a realistic battlefield where hundreds will fight with one another and last-one-standing wins.

The game is a successful one. However, several updates and features made this game a little out of track. While ApexLegends and Fortnite are rocking. Krafton thinks this is high time to get something new for their fans too.

Not to mention, Improving PUBG: Battlegrounds right now will take the same time and effort to create a new one. Krafton thus decided to go with the former one. The company wants to redo everything for a cleaner and precise outcome. Hence, the idea of PUBG 2 came to light.

The Announcement

Krafton didn’t mention anything formally about the upcoming PUBG title. However, PlayerIGN, in his tweet, mentioned a new game, “UNANNOUNCED PROJECT” by Krafton with code name ‘X1.’ The game is thought to be a sequel to PUBG and anticipated to be published as PUBG 2.

Moreover, Krafton was showcasing a lot of PUBG: New State clips which got released on Nov 11, 2021. People thought New State would be PUBG 2. But that game was released for Android and iOS.

After the release of PUBG: New State, it has been clear that Krafton is working on something big. You see, New State has everything developed from scratch with new dynamics and gameplay. Neither PUBG nor PUBG Mobile has that type of development.

In recent months, Krafton didn’t push any significant updates as well. A franchise with such a reputation isn’t sitting out there but developing something.

“New state is only for mobile, the PUBG 2 thing (pc/console) is someth we’re still waiting for by 2022.”

– PlayerIGN

The Maps

When it comes to battle royale, Maps are really important. PUBG won hearts just because of Erangel. After considering several battle royales and current trends, it is expected that PUBG 2 will feature a number of new maps.

There will be maps mostly based on the future. Like every other AAA title these days. You can take a look at “Troi” of PUBG: New State to get some idea. Not to mention, Erangel will be there for sure. Maybe Erangel will get some decorations to portrait a mixed instance of the present and future altogether.

Apart from that, Maybe Kiki will be there too. Krafton could have pushed Kiki on PUBG: Battlegrounds by now but they delayed that. Even you can see, Livik is still in beta. Therefore, there is a good chance for Kiki to be featured in PUBG 2 along with Livik. These are just assumptions as Krafton is quite silent for a long time now after abandoning PUBG PC Lite back in May 2021.

PUBG 2 Weapons and Vehicles

Krafton is including new weapons every now and then to PUBG PC and Mobile version games. Probably everything you see on PUBG now will be there in PUBG 2. If the company features futuristic gameplay in the upcoming one, then there might be sci-fi guns as well.

On the other hand, the PUBG franchise is popular for keeping things as realistic as possible. Therefore, there can be a good collection of modern guns and weapons rather than including mythical sci-fi ones. Not to mention, there will be drones and some new tactical items for intense gameplay.

Speaking of new items, there will be new vehicles in PUBG 2. Currently, PUBG features a few vintage cars and bikes. It is expected that PUBG 2 will feature more newly designed modern vehicles and electric cars. Even there will be sci-fi futuristic bikes just like TRON-inspired one in PUBG: New State.

If Krafton pushes things a bit more, we might see a wide range of vehicles and options to modify them as well. There might be functionality to use the trunk of the vehicles for different purposes like carrying additional supplies and so on. Like New State, the upcoming PUBG will offer more interactions with items.

The Graphics and Gameplay

You see, Krafton is focusing on graphics. PUBG: New State is an example. At the same time, the company is also taking low-end devices into their account. PUBG 2 is expected to be a game that everyone will be able to play. The game will be developed in Unreal Engine 5 as mentioned by PlayerIGN.

There will be impressive graphics. High-end PC and console users can take advantage of that. However, low specs devices will be able to run the game seamlessly. Maybe a 3GB graphics card with 8GB RAM is just fine to play the game.

Speaking of playing the game, PUBG 2 will feature the most realistic gameplay possible. Starting from movement to gunfire and such, probably everything is designed based on reality. There will be fewer hypothetical concepts in the game.

PUBG 2 Release Date and Pricing

According to several PUBG 2 leaks and rumors, The game will be released in the Summer or Fall of 2022. Krafton didn’t say anything about the game. So presumably at the beginning of 2022, there will be highlights and promotional teasers. Early access for enthusiastic players will be offered as well.

PUBG 2 will be released on both PCs and Consoles. Therefore, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4|5, and entry-level gaming PCs will support the game.

About the pricing, the current PUBG: Battlegrounds costs $29.99 on steam. Back in August 2021, the game was free for a week. So there can be two things, PUBG 2 can be a free-to-play game with in-game subscriptions or it will cost around $29.99 as other AAA titles are priced these days.

Not to mention, PUBG: Battlegrounds has several issues, like glitches, bugs, and hackers in it. Krafton lost a number of players due to such. Even PUBG Mobile, and PUBG: New State has issues. Considering all these and to keep the reputation sky-high, the game might come as free.

You see, ApexLegends and Fortnite, Valorant, CS: GO and such are very popular free-to-play games. Due to being free, a lot of people download these games to give them a try. Turns out, they become fans and continue to play. PUBG 2 can be like one of these games.

Wrapping Up

Online multiplayer games are getting popular these days. Battle Royale is the new trend. PUBG has a reputation and Krafton wants to take it to another level. Stay tuned for more PUBG 2 leaks and rumors.

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