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PUBG: New State Update News
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PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds AKA PUBG announced PUBG Mobile New State global release date recently. Here’s everything to know about the upcoming release –

PUBG was released back in 2017. This battle royale holds the hype even now. Gamers are currently obsessed with the “last-one-standing” genre of gaming. After four years of release, finally, PUBG is getting a new title with a futuristic environment. Realistic battle royale in the future – is actually the gist of PUBG Mobile New State.

The Announcement

In February 2021, Krafton briefly announced a trailer about a new survival shooting game. Shortly after, a number of fans showed their interest in the matter.
As of now, more than 50 million pre-registrations have been completed. Over time, gamers learn about the title, environment, features, and so on. Not to mention, Pre-registered fans will get an exclusive vehicle skin as soon as the game launches.

The Release

Recently PUBG confirmed that November 11 is the global release of PUBG Mobile: New State on Android and iOS. Currently, The Alpha test of the release candidate version of the game is released to beta testers. You can find a number of gameplays of PUBG: New State.

PUBG: New State isn’t PUBG 2

FYI, PUBG: New State is not a sequel to the PUBG Mobile. The game has many differences from the current PUBG Mobile. New State will come with new maps and advanced weapons where you will experience completely new gameplay.

The game will be featuring more like the PUBG PC version as PUBG Studio (the developers of PUBG PC) developed New State. Therefore, you should be convinced by now that the upcoming New State will be way more interesting than current PUBG Mobile and other subsequent battle royale titles.

PUBG: New State Pricing

PUBG: New State is a free-to-play game. However, there will be a game currency to purchase in-game items and skins.
You see, PUBG PC costs around $30 and the same developers developed New State. Therefore, the entire game might not be free for all. A lot of gamers are assuming that some features of the game might cost you $5 to be accessible.

Moreover, Krafton announced the title as a free-to-play for all mobile gamers. So the chances of having a purchasable extended version are less.

Upcoming Features

The trailer of PUBG: New State gives a brief idea about the game. Recently captured Alpha Test footage gives us some idea about the changes and upgrades.


For any battle royale, maps play a major role. The more insane the Terran is, the more intense the gameplay will be. PUBG: New State comes with several futuristic maps. As the game takes place in 2051, only you can imagine how the future will be.

  • The Troi is a 8 x 8 map, which is a very futuristic town along with suburban living areas as well. There is a town hall, a few restaurants, a shopping mall, and so many other locations that players will find exciting to explore every now and then. Obviously, there will be futuristic vehicles and infrastructure in this Terran.

  • Not to mention the evergreen map, Erangel, has been decorated with a futuristic flavor too. Now you will be seeing new infrastructure, vehicles, places, and more. Erangel will give me more options to tactically eliminate your opponents.
  • Apart from these, there will be two more maps in the game. Both the maps will have futuristic accents and a lot of things to explore.

Gadgets and Gears

PUBG is upgrading with the trend and technology of the world so that players don’t find the game outdated. As PUBG: New State is featuring 2051, you get advanced gadgets and gears along with traditional weapons you see now in the current mobile and pc version.

There will be drones to deliver items, deployable shields, and new weapons. Speaking of drones, you can trace your opponents using drones in PUBG: New State. There are in-game weapon modifications like the dynamic modification mechanisms of Apex Legends.

Take note that, there are new bikes inspired by TRON. Not like traditional bikes rather actual futuristic bikes. There will be several sci-fi-designed vehicles as well.

Graphics and Sound

PUBG PC and PUBG Mobile have quite a difference when it comes to the graphics section. Developers promised that PUBG: New State’s graphics will be more like PUBG PC, if not better. That implies ultra-realistic graphics, global illumination, auto exposer, auto instancing, and so on.

There will be some changes in the audio department this time. Gunfire, reloading, explosions, and movements will provide you more realistic experience with an advanced audio system.


PUBG Mobile: New State will be different from other versions of PUBG. Damages, explosions, destructions, gun firing, and everything else are now reality-based. Every step you take can be an advantage to your enemies if you are not paying attention around you.

You have to be strategic to eliminate your opponents in this game because the game is not just firing to the enemies to eliminate anymore. There will be combat rolls where you can pick your special character with special combat abilities as well.

There are weapons, gadgets, defense systems, and so on that can be in your favor if you choose to use them wisely. Otherwise, an advantage for the opponents to eliminate you without you even noticing.

Probably, you can team up with opponents as shown in the trailer. Suppose, someone on your team is eliminated or you are a team of three and there is another player who is either alone or lost his teammates. You guys can team up in a running match.

As per the trailer, there might be a chance of respawning. Like Call of Duty: Mobile Season 3, you can use a card in specific points to get back your eliminated teammate.

Compatible Devices

You see, PUBG: New State has insane graphics to provide the most realistic and futuristic gaming experience possible on mobile devices. Impressive graphics need the latest devices to run properly. Krafton confirmed that the game is optimized. The majority of the players will be able to enjoy the game.

However, the minimum requirement for playing PUBG: New State is –

  • For iOS users, At least an iPhone 6S is needed with iOS 13. Later iPhone models will perform better.
  • For Android users, Any Android device with Android OS 6 and at least 2GB RAM is a must to run the game. That is a Samsung Galaxy S7 and later devices are compatible with the game.
Wrapping Up

PUBG: New State is the next level of battle royale. November 11 is the magical day when you can start a new journey in 2051 with your buddies. Stay tuned for more.

Frequently Asked PUBG: New State Questions

1. Can I use my PUBG Mobile account to play PUBG: New State?
Ans: You need to create a new account.

2. Can I start with the progress of my PUBG Mobile?
Ans: Everyone will start from the beginning. Your PUBG Mobile tier, ranking, assets are not going to be transferrable to the New State.

3. Which countries will be getting the PUBG: New State initially?
Ans: PUBG: New State is a global release. Therefore, everyone will be getting the initial release.

4. What are the new features?
Ans: Combat rolls, Drones, In-game weapon customizations, and so on.

5. Can I play in FPP mode?
Ans: Yes, you can play both on TPP and FPP modes. There might be a hybrid setup where you will be playing in TPP but as soon as you aim, you will be switched to FPP.

6. Will there be any cross-platform compatibility?
Ans: PUBG: New State is exclusively developed for mobile devices. Initially, there will be no cross-platform compatibility.

7. Can I use Emulator to play PUBG: New State?
Ans: Yes. Several Emulators like Gameloop, Bluestacks 5, LDPlayer, Memu, and so on have enlisted PUBG: New State.

8. What is the Download size of PUBG: New State?
Ans: The downloadable file size is around 1.2GB. However, you need to download resources after installation.

9. Is PUBG: New State and PUBG the same?
Ans: Both the games are developed by PUBG Studios but they are not the same.

10. Will PUBG: New State replace PUBG Mobile?
Ans: Both games will be available to play.

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