PUBG: New State Update with New Game Mode, Weapons, Battle Pass, and so on

PUBG: New State Update News
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PUBG: New State is getting a new update with game mode, weapons, and so on. Krafton revealed update 0.9.23 information of New State via a blog post recently. Let’s find out what are the new excitements-

Battle Royale: Extreme

The new update comes with a new game mode. According to Krafton, BR: Extreme will be played in Troi. Apparently, like Livik of PUBG Mobile, this gameplay will allow 64 players in a match. Furthermore, all these survivors will parachute down with a P1911 handgun, one smoke grenade, a full boost meter, and 300 Drone credits.

Two care packages or special crates will be sent randomly for the survivors. Even though only 64 of you will be playing at a time, there will be more vehicles and loots than usual to make these matches intense. Note that, you will be deployed from a lower amplitude. Thus you won’t be able to parachute to a farther destination. Apart from that, Drone deployment time is lesser and teammate redeployment time is reduced as well.

Obviously, the map will be restricted to a certain circle as the number of players will be tight. Not to mention, the beginning circle will be random for each match. Other than this, every rule remains as it is for the battle royale. Each match will take around 20mins in this PUBG new update game of New State.

P90 Submachine Gun – SMG

After updating your game, you will find a new weapon, P90 SMG. This SMG will be using 5.7mm ammo, new ammunition. From the drone store, you can order the ammo. This SMG will come with tier-2 scope (transformative) and with a suppressor. Sadly, you won’t be able to modify anything afterward.

Weapon Enhancements and Customizations

Apart from getting a new weapon, PUBG: New State includes a new flash hider and suppressor for DP-28. M762 AR gets a lightweight stock. Bullet spread dynamics of shortguns and pistols are improved. Not to mention, L85A3 gets lesser reloading time.

Moving on to weapon customizations, M416 bullet spreading is reduced upon customizations. However, you cannot do that with M762 and M16A4 anymore. Even after customization, DSR-1 will provide vertical recoil.

Action Animations

Parkour roll and sudden dash movements are now improved. To balance your character and give you more control over movement, Krafton re-evaluates the animations of PUBG: New State.

If you had a character movement lag issue, this is fixed. Overall animations are optimized for mid to low range devices as well.

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Season 1 Battle Pass

Season 1 Battle Pass will begin next week. Contender, Master, and Conqueror will get upgraded rewards. Match scores will be calculated based on performance, therefore, pushing up ranks by sitting idle won’t benefit you anymore. Tier evaluation will be following new guidelines as well.

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Wrapping Up

As PUBG: New State has been launched for a while now. Your Battle Royale career starts now. After updating, you will see the most intensified merciless battleground ever with new add-ons. Stay tuned for more updates of PUBG: New State’s new Update.


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