Samsung Exynos 2200 with AMD GPU is now Official!

Samsung Exynos 2200 with AMD GPU is now Official!
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Samsung Exynos 2200 with AMD GPU has gone Official by Samsung. According to the company, Exynos 2200 was supposed to go official on January 11. However, Today is the day, Samsung unveiled their next-gen SoC. Let’s find out all the exciting features of Exynos 2200 –


Exynos 2200 has a number of features to offer. The SoC comes with AMD GPU. This GPU will provide you with PC-like graphics. Not to mention, you will get advanced ray-tracing with hardware acceleration.

The ARM-based CPU cores will power the SoC. Exynos 2200 is now under mass production. Samsung Galaxy S22 series might be powered by the SoC.


Samsung used the latest semiconductor manufacturing tech to come up with the 4nm Exynos 2200. Octa-core CPU, Exynos 2200, has a tri-cluster style consisting of a single Cortex-X2 core, three Cortex A710 cores, and four Cortex A510 cores.

The company didn’t reveal the frequencies of the cores. However, it is expected to have a 2.8GHz frequency on the Cortex-X2 core. The Cortex-A710 cores and Cortex-A510 cores will perform at 2.5GHz and 1.9GHz frequencies respectively.

Xclipse 920 GPU

Xclipse 920 GPU is a hybrid GPU based on AMD RDNA2 technology. This GPU lies between mobile devices and gaming consoles. Xclipse 920 is compatible with 4K displays with a 120Hz refresh rate. Not to mention, if you prefer a QHD+ display, you can get up to a 144Hz refresh rate.

Xclipse 920 also features ray-tracing. Variable Rate Shading is also known as VRS provides game developers efficiently adding frames with minor changes. Thus, GPU will consume less power. When required, the GPU can take more power to offer better performance.


Exynos 2200 is compatible with LPDDR5 RAM and UFS 3.1 storage. Samsung says Exynos 2200 will provide you with lesser loading time, smooth frame rates, and seamless multitasking. When it comes to gaming, Exynos 2200 is flawless, you can get the best out of a mobile device.

The SoC offers a dual-core Neural Processing Unit. Compared to Exynos 2100, Exynos 2200 is twice faster and performs two times better. Therefore, photography and AI-powered applications will work faster. Low light image processing will take less time and look better than ever before.

Capturing Videos and Images

As mentioned, Exynos 2200 is two times faster than Exynos 2100. The SoC will support up to 200MP camera sensors. With a 108MP shooter, you will be able to capture 4K videos at 120fps, and 8K videos at 30fps with HDR10+. Not to mention Exynos 2200 will let you play 8K and 4K videos at 60fps and 240fps respectively.


Exynos 2200 comes with a 5G modem integrated with it. This modem supports mmWave and sub-6GHz connectivity. Thus, you can get up to 10Gbps download speed with 5G. You can experience a 3.67Gbps upload speed on 5G as well.

With LTE networks, you can hit up to 3Gbps download speed and around 425Mbps upload speed. Apart from this, Exynos 2200 also includes USB 3.2 Type-C, WiFi 6E, Bluetooth 5.2, NFC, GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, and so on. The SoC has an advanced security system that works even before the CPU boots for safety.

Wrapping Up

Samsung Exynos 2200 is the future SoC of Samsung. This chipset is capable to compete with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, Apple A15 Bionic Chip, and MediaTek Dimensity 9000. Stay tuned for more information about the Samsung Exynos 2200 with AMD GPU.

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