Samsung Galaxy Note 21 will not come in 2021

Samsung has not abandoned the Note series. There will be no Samsung Note 21 for 2021, but this does not mean the Note series is being discontinued.

According to several news services, Samsung decided to drop their Note Lineup for this year as the Samsung S21 ultra has already an S pen compatibility. Two devices with S pen may not be a wise stand for Samsung, thinks Samsung, as there will not be much of a difference among them.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra has almost all the facilities of the Note series being a non-Note Samsung for this year. Several leaks mentioned that Galaxy Z Fold 3 might come with a stylus as well. Samsung recently faced some difficulties with their Chip Manufacturing industry due to a heavy winter storm and shut down their OLED Chip production which supplies 5% of the world’s OLED Chip demand. All these issues insisted Samsung to re-think their Note lineup this year. Bringing another flagship high-end device needs better OLED panels. Consumers have very good taste in OLEDs, Therefore, Leaving the Note series aside for this year, Samsung is focusing on Mid-range devices.

Samsung Analysts said that Note will come next year with a bunch of new features in it but there might be a slight delay. Samsung, when takes time to manufacture something, they make the best one. Hence, Waiting a year for the new Note is not a bad decision indeed.

Samsung foldable did not attract customers that much for having a higher price tag and many issues. Samsung is having a slight low revenue curve and the Note lineup is a risk for this year. Samsung is more focused on Foldables this year. They are utilizing the allocated time for Note to research more on foldable. It has been heard that they improved few display issues and producing some new items for foldable devices.

Probably Samsung is experimenting that whether they can sell S pen as an option with flagships and Foldables. If consumers are not interested in paying extra for an S pen then Samsung will be focusing on Notes and S pens along with their Note Line ups.

Waiting for an experimental device to come this year might not be a wiser decision. Experimental devices often have issues. Samsung Note is Samsung Note. The compatibility of the S Pen with other models is not equal for a Samsung Note series. On the other hand, the Samsung Note 20 series could be a better buy if the Note series is on your wishlist for this year. Samsung Note 20 5G also supports 5G which is definitely a true Note with 5G support, probably the best Samsung Note to be bought in 2021. 

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 5G
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