Samsung is Leaving Android: Fuchsia or Not?

Samsung is Leaving Android: Fuchsia or Not?
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Samsung may leave Android OS in near future. What if Samsung is really planning to do so and this transition is in progress? Let’s find out what Samsung is planning with Android OS-

Fuchsia by Google

You see, Google is developing a new operating system, Fuchsia. Samsung invested in this project earlier in 2021. Rumors suggest that Samsung is planning to leave Android and integrate Fuchsia into their future devices.

However, the transition will take time. Rumors say Samsung will take a couple of years to use this open-source operating system. Not to mention, One UI will be integrated with Fuchsia OS as usual. Other sources say Samsung might come up with another skin to replace One UI soon.

According to the plans of Google, Fuchsia OS will be a unified platform for Smartphones, Tablets, Wearables, Computers, Smart TVs, and miscellaneous IoT devices. This OS will be a platform to run all your devices with a user-friendly UI for all types of users.

Samsung’s Move

Replacement of Android OS and introduce Fuchsia OS isn’t entirely decided by Samsung. Google wants this new OS to use by Smartphone companies. You see, Android OS uses Linux kernel. On the other hand, Fuchsia OS is based on Zircon.

Google feels Android has its time. It’s high time to develop another OS for future smartphones. Thus, Google started to work on Fuchsia OS from the ground.

Samsung holds a significant portion of the Android market. Thus, Google offered the company to invest and be the first one to try the future OS which will eventually replace Android OS. That’s when Samsung comes in. Not to mention, Samsung also adopted Google’s new OS for wearables recently.

Future of OEMs

Fuchsia OS will be seen initially on Samsung devices soon. You see, people are attracted to new technologies. Due to curiosity towards Fuchsia’s features, Many people will buy Samsung devices.

Samsung won’t be the only one to adopt this OS. At that point, other companies will have two options in front of them- (i) come up with a new futuristic OS to compete with Fuchsia (ii) join the Fuchsia party.

Developing another OS takes quite a long time. Other OEMs will prefer to choose Fuchsia. They will invest time and effort as well. If everything remains as planned, Fuchsia will be one of the leading operating systems in the future, if not the only one.

Transitioning from Android OS to Fuchsia OS will take time. Slowly Samsung will adopt the OS. There will be no drastic shift and several Fuchsia features will match Android features. Thus users will find the transition quite adaptive and comfy.

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Wrapping Up

Android looks quite outdated these days even though Android 12 has impressive features. Google is working on Android 13 as well. However, if upcoming devices are to offer futuristic features to users, Android OS isn’t enough. Stay tuned for more Fuchsia OS updates.


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