Samsung Notes App Hits One Billion on Google Play Store

Samsung Notes App

Samsung Notes app is probably the app you have always avoided more or less. The app has now One Billion installations, Let’s find out why your avoided note-taking app is a hit right now-

The Milestone

Samsung Notes app recently hit a milestone of a billion installations. Even though people fall for Evernote or One Note mostly. However, Samsung Notes has the potential that you might miss because of popular other note-taking apps.

The App for Devices

Being a Samsung proprietary app, Samsung Notes isn’t pre-installed in most Samsung devices. This app is focused on Samsung Note lineups and Galaxy Tablets with S Pen compatibility. Furthermore, many S Pen features made Samsung Note awesome with stylus-enabled devices like the Samsung S21 series, even other branded devices can avail most of the features if compatible with a stylus.

Features and More

Samsung Notes has wonderful features like importing PDF and writing on that, adding voiceovers as a note to sync with drawings and annotations, taking handwritten notes then make them digitalized, and so on. If you’re lucky enough to own a Galaxy Note device, you can do more with notes. For example, take your S Pen out and start taking notes without unlocking your Galaxy Note, take notes on multiple pages without the hassle and manage them later, organize notes and pin them if required, and so on.

Download Samsung Notes App from Play Store

The milestone Samsung reached refers to that the Samsung Notes app is very productive and getting popular these days. It also suggests that people may be using the app on multiple devices.

Wrapping up

Samsung is a successful smartphone-manufacturing company ranked at the top now. 77 million Samsung devices were sold recently. Such popularity of Samsung plays an important role on their apps. Not only Samsung Notes but also Samsung Internet, Samsung Email, and Samsung Voice Recorder reached the same milestone. It’s not about popularity but Samsung is getting better every now and then with their devices and software.

Comment below which Note taking app is your Favourite. Share your thoughts with us. Tell us what you want us to cover next. We will be happy to hear from our Friends!

– Xplnrs
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I love out, it works for me

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