Samsung’s Chip Industry Shuts iPhone 13 Might Be Delayed

Recently Samsung had to shut down their OLED display chip product which causes a global deficiency of OLED panels for smartphones. As a result a lot of manufacturers including Apple might have to delay their production.

Texas had to face severe and lengthy winter storms which led Samsung to shut down their industry which supplies 5% of the global display panels for smartphones and PCs.

The industry used to produce chips for Samsung OLED displays. Apple is solely dependent on those chips for their iPhone displays. The shutdown never clarifies that which models of iPhone will have the impact of the issue. Assumption says, the iPhone 13 models may experience a little delay and a higher price tag.

Last year due to global emergency situation Apple had to delay iPhone 12 models. Apple suppliers were insisted to shut down their industry in china and as a result iPhone 12 models came out on October 2020. Usually Apple releases their newer iPhones on September each year.

Apple analysts said that Newer iPhones will be released in September as they always do. Apple is done with their tasks of the summer time frame, and they are covering up some other areas now. Therefore, a little break on Samsung’s chip manufacturing might not be a bigger issue for Apple up until now.

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