Samsung’s Foldable popularity depends mostly on Apple

Samsung Foldable

Samsung is a very renowned company to launch Foldable smartphones. They have huge market demand for their Smartphones. Samsung Foldables are the top-of-the-line devices with the best specs in them. Samsung is planning to release their next foldables on April Unpacked event announced recently. The success with those Foldables is mostly dependent on Apple right now. 

The Foldable Journey

Since 2019, Samsung has released four foldable devices. Among them, Galaxy Z Fold 2 is the users’ choice. This April Samsung will bring Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 as the rumor goes. But the popularity of these devices will be decided by the releases of Apple.   

Each year, nearly 1.52 Billion smartphones are sold. Among them, Samsung devices are around 300 million units. In 2019 Samsung could sell approximately 500,000 foldable units to their customers. Samsung expected to have a massive sale in 2020 but seems they could sell around 2.8 million units. Such a smaller sale number is due to the high price tag on Foldables that Samsung produces. People also consider the Foldables as Experimental Smartphones.

South Korean report says that Smartphone Suppliers and the production industry expects that Galaxy Foldables should hold the public attention for the betterment of their business. Foldables are high priced as a result people have a desire to buy but the budget does not support most of the cases. At the same time, More sales would give suppliers and companies a motivation to make something more innovative. Samsung is focusing on this issue right now. 

The Foldable Issue

Due to several reasons, Samsung will not come up with any Note lineup this year. Therefore, Samsung got time to research more with their Foldables. However, Samsung knows that Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 might not have a huge sale like their Note lineup has every year, but this year Samsung will be bringing the most optimized Folds.

To talk about the real world market situations, Apple is dominating the flagships groups. The Chinese companies covered mid-range and low-end devices with reasonable prices. Where’s the place of Samsung here? Samsung chooses the Foldables to grab the premium users. Recently Xiaomi joined the foldable club as well with a decent price tag. Samsung is expecting Apple to join the party. When everyone will be selling Foldables Samsung will have a greater chance to capture the market with their high-end Folds.

The Apple Foldable and Samsung’s Market Capturing

Recently it has been reported that Apple is testing prototypes of Foldable display panels. Cupertino-based technological company is working on the project to produce a better flexible screen for Apple. The size is assumed to be a 6.7-inch screen. Apple could take another year to come up with their Foldable. Nothing has been finalized but Apple is working on it. 

As soon as Apple comes with their Foldables, Samsung will get a chance to prove that they are really good with Foldables. When Apple brings a Foldable phone, People will be more focused to get Samsung Folds over Apple’s because they do not want to be a part of an experimental release. On the other hand, some Apple fans will be buying Apple Foldable and then there will be a trend to have a Foldable device.

Remember when Apple came with smaller notched on iPhone X? Smartphones had smaller notch but iPhone X was the Odd one out there. Later that year, Other companies brought the same kind of notch. Eventually now Who is buying a phone with a bigger notch?

Wrapping up

When you have a competitor, You can focus more on your flaws. You can grow more. Samsung and Apple have an unmentioned competition among them, but this time, the scenario is something else. Apple’s success in releasing Foldables can help Samsung to get the market. 

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-The Xplnrs
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