Samsung’s New Keyboard: Works on Three Devices Altogether

Last week Samsung came with a new smart travel keyboard, The trio 500. It was assumed that the keyboard would be coming on Samsung Unpacked event of 28 April. However, Samsung recently released that portable, good-looking travel keyboard with multiple new functionalities.

The Announcement

The South Korean tech giant decided to provide a nice starter to their fans before the event, that’s when Samsung Trio 500 comes in. The keyboard will be featuring black and white color. White seems more elegant than black from some angles but black is pretty solid too. The Keyboard will be available to buy from May. The price has not been announced yet. 

Size and Features

Samsung Trio 500 Smart Keyboard comes in the same size as a regular keyboard. multiple functionalities made this keyboard an outstanding piece of technology in 2021. Apart from all the functions, Let’s have a brief look at the best features that Trio 500 offers-

Connect up to Three Devices at Once

With the Samsung Trio 500, you can connect up to three devices at a time. Good thing is, you can switch between devices using dedicated shortcut keys. You can connect a smartphone, a tablet, and a laptop at the same time. 

Assign Hotkeys for Favourite Apps

Samsung Trio 500 allows you to assign your favorite apps, contacts, or most frequently used apps to another three hotkeys. You can access them just by pressing the assigned key, it’s that simple. 

DeX Productivity

You can use Samsung DeX via Samsung Trio 500 Smart Keyboard. The user experience is the same as working on a desktop. The keyboard will give you a feel of performance and productivity along with the ability to work on multiple windows at once. Sounds efficient?

Of the Galaxy Tab series, models supporting Samsung DeX are limited to S4, S5e, S6, S7, S7+, and Tab Active Pro. 

See the list of devices that features Samsung DeX

How to Connect?

Well, you just need to turn on your Bluetooth. Turn on the Samsung Trio 500 smart keyboard by pressing the power key. There will be a pop-up as soon as your device discovers the keyboard. You allow the pairing and that’s it.

Wrapping Up

When it comes to awesome Technologies, Samsung does really well. Samsung Trio 500 Smart Keyboard is the ultimate example of refined technology. The keyboard is very much focused on productivity and efficiency. Seamless use of multiple devices at once made this keyboard irresistible to skip in 2021. Stay tuned for more information about the keyboard and the price as well. 

Comment below, if you know something more about the Samsung Trio 500 Smart Keyboard. Share your thoughts with us. Tell us, What you want us to cover next. We will be happy to hear from our Friends!

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