Snapchat has more Android users on their new App

Snapchat has rebuilt its Android app from the scratch. After several user complaints, Snapchat decided to put their attention on their Android app. It seems Android users did a great favor for Snapchat.

The Report

From a report of Reuters, it has been seen that Snapchat is gaining 21% more users every day in 2021. This is a great response for Snapchat. However, more than 50% of new users are from outside of North America.

Such a great response has been gained from mostly Android users. All the credit goes to the new app. Android received a Snapchat app a year ago. Snapchat has pushed performance-enhancing updates ever since. They expanded language options and new content designs for different locations. Snapchat has now a very refined App to satisfy its users on Android.

The Reason behind Rebuilding the App

Back in 2018 Snapchat team started to deal with bugs on their app. That’s when android users started to suffer. There were several technical issues and app crushing which forced the team to work on a new App. That work is now paying off greatly every day.

Snapchat said that outside North America Android rules. Where users are using Snapchat more than ever before. As a result, the company is focusing on providing maximum support to those users who are mostly Android users.

Wrapping up

Snapchat is a classy App. The App is mainly a photo-based social media platform. Over time Snapchat got popular among the teens. Being very intuitive and easy to use, Snapchat grabbed attention. After responding to their user complaints, now they are having better days.

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