Stranger Things Season 4 will Premiere in 2022

Stranger Things Season 4 in 2022
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Stranger Things Season 4 has a new announcement. Netflix confirmed the upcoming season will premiere in 2022. Probably you missed but Netflix just released some footage from season 4 of Stranger Things. The new teaser confirms another whole new season of the hi-tech mega sci-fi series.

Looking back in Season 3, there were several confusions and suspensions. There were unanswered questions left for the upcoming season as well. Season 4 will clear everything suspicious from the previous season and there will be a tragedy as the season progresses.

The previous teaser shows Eleven was still in the facility with other test subjects. However, the new one gives a glimpse of the Hawkins gang’s latest update. Not to mention, the new clip also shows some curious scenes with a few new faces as well.

You see, Jim Hopper was captured and kept in Russia but it seems he’s holding everything tight. He might escape and what are the odds of that you think? Apart from that, Joyce was getting everyone out of the town with a powerless Eleven. Nevertheless, they have to go back as Demogorgon hasn’t finished yet with the business. Several others came back as well in this season 4. So, What do you think about Stranger Things Season 4?

Wrapping Up

Stranger Things season 4 will be available sometime in 20222 on Netflix. This season will be full of surprises and whatnot. Seat tight and be patient for more. Stay tuned for the latest updates as well.

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