Telegram Brings a Handful of New Features

Telegram with New Features
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Telegram has brought payment 2.0, mini-profiles, schedule voice chats, and many other features in their previous update. However, Now Telegram has added a video call feature where you can add as many as one thousand people in a group call. Let’s see more –

Group Video Calls

Group video calls of Telegram got a new update. Now 30 users can stream their video from their cams and screen. Not to mention, a maximum of 1,000 people can view the broadcast at a time. Telegram says they will continue to increase the number “Until all humans on Earth can join one group call.”

By the time, Telegram has improved the video call quality as well. You can now go for high-quality video calls. Speaking of video calls, any sound playing on your device will be audible to everyone else including when you capture the video calls.

Apart from that, users can tap a video to expand in the conversation thread. Tapping such will pause the video initially. You can also skip forward and/or rewind the video message on Telegram.

The Other Features

The mentionable feature of the previous update is Payment 2.0. By this, users can pay merchants through Telegram using their credit cards with safety and security. Users can tip for delivery and avail such transactions by Telegram’s Payment 2.0. Telegram clearly confronted that they do not store any information or keep any commission for this feature.

All transactions can be made using the Telegram app. Telegram web app supports the feature as well. There are manuals and trials for the feature on the website so that users do not feel confused while making a payment. 

Scheduled voice chat has been integrated into Telegram. Voice chat 2.0 will allow hosts and admins to schedule a voice call. There will be countdowns appearing on the screen. As soon as the countdown stops, the host needs to initiate the voice chat manually.

Audiences can choose to have a notification when the countdown stops. Users can now modify their Mini profile by tapping the profile picture without leaving the voice chat. 

The Web Apps

If you haven’t been paying attention, Telegram has introduced two new web apps namely WebK and WebZ. The formal announcement is done for the apps. There is dark mode, sticker animations, folders, payments, and many more on the apps.

Telegram now allows users to skip or rewind 10 seconds of a video by double-tapping on the corner of the screen or 15 seconds by pressing the +and – signs respectively that appear on the screen.

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Even iOS users have the facility now. Furthermore, you don’t need to leave the chat and zoom a picture in the app. From the chat, you will be able to directly zoom a photo as soon as you update to the new version. 

Wrapping Up

Privacy is a concern and so is the user experience. Telegram took both into account when they were working on updates. Features like payment and custom voice chat, unlimited group calls attract a lot of users these days. Telegram did something awesome integrating them. Web apps are handy as well. Looking forward to having more from them. 

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