Tesla is Co-operating to Solve E-Cycle Battery Issues

Cycles are always appealing to Men regardless of a Bi-Cycle or Motorcycle it is. But the new attraction these days is the Electric Bikes. People are excited to see unique features in an E-cycle which raised a lot of particular challenges to the interested manufacturers. The most awesome thing about an E-cycle is that the Cycle runs utilizing a battery, and the most important concern is the battery life.

For an E-cycle, batteries will need more maintenance for better backup. But once a battery is done with its service, the replacement cost will be a lot. Most consumers will find such battery replacement costs not soothing with their budget or they can afford something more efficient than an E-cycle.

Speaking about efficiency, A renowned bike manufacturer is dealing with a Tesla Co-founder to have better batteries and probably a second life for E-cycle batteries.

The third-largest US bike maker is partnering with the Telsa Co-founder to develop a process of recycling the batteries for the E-cycles. The cycles are of a heavy build quality that can last quite a long time but the batteries degrade over time. A typical battery may serve at best four to six years.

Comparing with the lifetime of the batteries, The first generation Electric cars like Nissan Leaf is now in need of a recycle. The process of recycling will be done and electric waste will be shipped to third-world countries to be reused. Thus reuse and recovery of Electric vehicles will be done which applies to these Bikes to have their turns in near future as well.

In the process of recycling, firstly the usability of the batteries will be determined through some chemical tests. Usable materials are refined to be used in other products. Other elements are then collected and recycled and added to the battery-making processes.

However, Analysts of the company say that by the end of 2021, These new E-bikes will be ready for consumers. There will be apps and diagnostic data to determine the battery capacity of a bike. There will be discounted battery recycling offers for the consumers. The company claims to have almost the whole battery can be recycled if not damaged externally.

Over 547000+ E-bikes are already sold in the Netherlands the previous year which about 55% more than the number of cars are sold. There might be a total of 130 billion E-cycles to be sold by 2023 which says a huge number of batteries will need to be recycled soon. Therefore Battery recycling is a must if this planet does not want to be damaged sooner. E-waste is not good that’s why developing countries will send them to third-world countries. But the Environmental damage will be effective to the entire earth which does not save the developed countries. Therefore the location of recycling is less important than the percentage possible of recycling.

Therefore, Tesla is going to team up with the E-bike manufacturers to produce something efficient for the consumers and recycle the most to make sure pollutions are optimized to a greater scale.

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