Time Machine By Google

Speaking of Google Earth Desktop Version AKA Google Earth Pro, You would notice lots of features to be amazed of. Apps and Browsers shows an optimised Google Earth version which doesn’t include a mentionable number of features. Such a Feature is Google Earth’s Time Machine. This feature offers user to see past images of certain places.

Good Thing is, Android App will soon have the feature to view satellite images of several past years. The feature is kept as an “Experimental Preference”. Ordinary users have to wait for the formal release of the Google Earth Time Machine feature or can root their device to use the charm of Google Earth.

The Database of the project includes a mentionable number of satellite images of 1930s and so on. “TimeLapse” of those pictures has been incorporated with the feature therefore bird’s eye view of the development in a certain area, at least the developed countries will be seen. This Time Machine feature is really awesome to use and gives a vibe that soon we will be able to “Time Travel”.

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