Tinder Allows You to Block People by Phone Number

Block People on Tinder
Hide Your Problems and Move on…

Tinder is now allowing users to block anyone by their phone numbers. A dating app might be an issue to relatives, and sensitive family members thus Tinder has taken a step to solve the issue. Let’s see more about blocking people on Tinder-

Blocking the Annoyance

Users can access the feature from the settings. Under the ‘Block Contacts’ menu, you get to block annoying persons or your exes from your love-seeking life. By this, blocked people won’t show up to you neither you will be shown to them.

Tinder allows you to upload the entire contact list. Then you can sort out the persons whom you are going to block. Tinder says not every contact but only the blocked ones are stored.

You can unblock anyone anytime. However, it is needless to mention that blocked persons won’t be notified that you’re being mean to them or avoiding them.

Not Blocked Forever

A blocked person can show up if he/she changes the phone number and registers with the new one or updates the number on Tinder. So please note, technically, you’re not blocking someone forever.

Wrapping Up

It has been a long-desired Tinder feature that romance-seekers waited for so long. Finally, Tinder heard you. Now you can start a new life with fewer problems bothering you while you’re moving on by blocking people on Tinder.

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– Xplnrs

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