Top 10 Most Overhyped PC Games Ever

Top 10 Overhyped PC Games
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10 Overhyped PC games which were the talk of the table in their times are listed here. These games got popular for a certain time, as every single gamer got excited, and everyone else wished to play. Even a lot of them upgraded their machines and spend money just to entertain themselves. Check out these historical overhyped evergreen games here-

1. Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V, this overhyped game is at the top of our list as because it deserves to be. Back in 2013, when the game came out gamers were too much excited to try the new features and assets. Even now, you will find people wondering how cool this GTA version is. Even though there are other versions and GTA VI is coming soon. GTA V won’t be old ever. However, the game didn’t become the best-selling game of all time.

Still, people play the game, and really it’s worth playing. You see, you can do anything you want that you can’t do in real life. All those customizations and flexibility made this game an evergreen one.

2. God of War

Back in 2016 to 2018, there was this God of War game people talked about a lot. Santa Monica Studio‘s God of War was the hot topic back then. Until the final release, the internet flooded with leaks and rumors. People liked to talk about the hypes all day long. The game was launched in 2018. The hype it has before launch didn’t remain the same afterward. The gameplay and game assets weren’t out of the world. The visuals were great but not that impressive for that time.

However, people enjoyed the game. There was a lot to do apart from playing mainstream. There were tons of side missions and open-world exploration opportunities. Loots, hunts, crafting weapons, and so on took this to another level. Even now there are certain players playing regularly.

3. Watch Dogs

Back in 2012, Watch Dogs received the attention of gamers. The game was too good for the time. The teasers and trailers started to become popular as the release came closer. Graphics and features put enough oil to the title. As such the game is on this top 10 Overhyped PC Games list.

However, when the game came out, things were a bit moved. Yes, you got the immersive world, integrated multiplayer option, and so on but the game was more linear than it advertised. The gaming experience was ordinary compared to other games of the same kind. Though there were some new and improved features this overhyped game was somehow a disappointment.

4. Crysis

Crysis forced a lot of gamers to upgrade their machines during its time. The benchmark of the game showed the intensiveness and futuristic technologies that a PC game can achieve. A significant number of people purchased newer video cards so that they can play this one.

Crysis was one of the most overhyped games. After the release, this was the talk of the table. The beginning was incredible as promised. Over time, players released the gameplay isn’t that surprising and the storyline isn’t extra-ordinary. However, many people like the game even now.

5. Dead Island

The gaming industry is dynamic. Dead Island made a very impressive trailer which was the best game trailer back then. The trailer and teasers grabbed the attention of all. The cinematography and leaks were damn good. People thought this could be the ultimate zombie game.

Ultimately this zombie game turned out to be a very ordinary game. In fact, the storyline wasn’t that impressive. However, certain people liked to game. you know, everyone has a different taste. Not to mention, the trailer of the game grew expectations among the gamers. Eventually, the game itself couldn’t fulfill that, which affected the entire franchise.

6. Spore

Spore was the excitement. Yes once upon a time, Spore was a cool game to play. Designed by the creators of SimCity, this game was an ambitious project. The game was more into developing a civilized society rather than guns and wars. During its time, such a genre was amusing.

The initial impression was good. Spore had a positive impact on the gaming industry. Developers thought that this game could change the thinking of gamers. You know gamers, excitement, and intensiveness are what they enjoy as always. Shortly, the hype of the game vanished. Gamers considered this to be a distraction from traditional gaming. However, yet some people like this one.

7. Final Fantasy 7

Final Fantasy 7 is one of the most iconic games. The game has the biggest universe than any of its previous releases. However, the graphics aren’t ages quite well. The gameplay held all the hypes back then. You see, Final Fantasy 7 integrated a complete 3D gaming experience that attracted gamers during its time. Thus this game made its place on this 10 Overhyped PC Games list.

Back in 1997, playing a 3D game was a way out of the world experience. Final Fantasy 7 didn’t earn the best Final Fantasy game title but it has some different feelings during the gameplay. The gaming industry has had great development over time but Final Fantasy 7 is one of a kind.

8. Resident Evil 4

It is worth mentioning that Resident Evil 4 has a great impact on the gaming community even now. This game is certainly one the best games ever made. As much as people enjoy the movie, they enjoyed playing the game as well. The game was originally released back in 2005. Capcom found a way to include Resident Evil 4 on their platforms. Thus the game became the topic. Upcoming VR release, the remake of the game, and so on made fans crazy about the game.

The good thing about the game is, it noted down the lacking of the previous releases and fixed them apart from integrating newer assets and stories. You get fluid movement, over-the-shoulder perspective, an actual challenging story like the movie, and what else makes a game great! People still enjoy the game.

9. Portal 2

Valve is full of surprises, Back in 2011, Portal 2 was released and gamers always have chemistry with sci-fi stuff. Portal 2 could be at the peak as Steam had was in Valve’s spotlight. However, gamers liked the game which has been seen from the hypes.

The game was the successful sequel of the first Portal game. This first-person puzzle shooter game was once the hot topic for being unique in the gaming industry back then. As the game progresses, you need to decide how efficiently you are gonna use the portal gun. Portal 2 was intense and challenging. Thus became a star back then.

10. Daikatana

John Romeo has done a lot in his life. Time magazine once said, “Everything that game designer John Romero touches turns to gore and gold.” Sadly, Daikatana didn’t turn any of them. The game was done by eight artists in just seven months and released in December 1997.

For Romeo, the game received several hypes. The overconfidence of Romeo turned Daikatana’s fate wrong. Shortly after release, the source code was released to communities for improvement but developers didn’t invest their time in it.

Wrapping Up

Gamers are dynamic. Gamers are ambitious. People have choices in their life and thus a game may be liked by most but irritating to others. However, every game has its very own way to entertain the gamer. Stay tuned for more of the top 10 Overhyped PC Games

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