Top 5 Upcoming Apple Arcade Games You Must Try in 2021

Apple Arcade Showing Top Games on Apple Devices

Image credit – Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade, the gaming platform of Apple, was launched back in 2019 and has over 200 games right now. There’re a number of old-school games found in Apple Arcade as well. However, here’re 5 Apple Arcade games coming soon that you must try –

Alto’s Odyssey: The Lost City

The game has been developed by Snowman. Alto’s Odyssey is one of the endless running games with impressive graphics. You are going to run through a lost city and keep running to escape from the dark city, which might take an eternity.

Angry Birds Reloaded

Developed by Rovio Entertainment, Angry Birds is such an addictive game you won’t be able to resist playing. There were days when Angry Birds ruled. However, the popularity remains more or less the same. The franchise came up with sequels and movies as well. Now another adventure with cute and aggressive birds is on the way.

The Artful Escape

Annapurna Interactive developed the game that tells the story of a talented teenage guitarist Francis Vendetti. On his first performance night, Francis discovered himself on a quest. A quest to know more about himself. Thus the adventure begins. On the way, Francis has to fight with deads and several others as the legend goes. As interesting as the storyline so is the game. The Artful Escape was announced back in 2017. The trailer came out in 2019.

Doodle God Universe

How about creating your own universe? Well, JoyBits developed such a world-building game where you can create your own universe. There are several elements that you’ll be choosing here and combine them like a piece of a puzzle to create something and thus you can make your own universe and any life that comes in it.


Will Wright and Gallium Artists came up with an awesome idea which portraits as this game. Proxi is a very interesting AI simulation game. Here you won’t be fighting enemies, or go on an adventure, rather you will be making your own building blocks. According to the website, Proxi will model your brain’s thoughts and store memories along with a number of interconnected concepts.

Wrapping Up

Apple Arcade is expanding with interesting games. Over time, they have included some really addictive games. Why not giving it a shot? Stay tuned for more updates on the Top 5 Apple Arcade Games.


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