Top 9 Games Coming in 2022 that You must Play

Top 9 Games Coming in 2022 that You must Play
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The top 9 Games coming in 2022 have been listed. The gaming industry is developing rapidly. New games are replacing the old and outdated ones. Gamers like diversity and insane storylines with naturalistic graphics. Let’s find out what’s 2022 offering for the gamers-

1. Rainbow Six Extraction

Release Date – January 20

One of the most played games in the world is the Rainbow Six Siege released back in 2015. However, Ubisoft is bringing a follow-up, Rainbow Six Extraction. This time you don’t need to eliminate another team but you need to team up to fight against squads of Aliens. Archaeans are parasitic aliens with no mercy. You are to fight them with your buddies. Are you ready?

2. Sifu

Release Date – February 8

Absolver is bringing a fighting game, Sifu, for 2022. Martial Arts in a game is very popular among gamers. Sifu is designed based on water-color art. The game has an aging functionality this time. You start the game as a Kung Fu student. To avenge a family history, you need to kill five elite assassins. Each time you die during the game, you respawn being older a bit. As you age, you get stronger but with lesser health. Thus the story goes on and you proceed to complete your avenge.

3. Horizon Forbidden West

Release Date – February 18

After Horizon Zero Dawn, Horizon Forbidden West is knocking at the door. A mysterious plague will infect and kill almost everything in the west across California, Utah, and Nevada. You need to fight against that and save the world. Fasten your seat belt for this journey.

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4. Elden Ring

Release Date – February 25

If you’re wondering what could be the most anticipated game of 2022, Elden Ring it is. Developers of Dark Souls, FromSoftware, worked on this game. The famous George R.R. Martin designed the world and lore of the game. The game offers an open-world experience. You can enjoy infinite gameplay if you choose to explore the entire world. Thus the game makes its way on our Top 9 Games of 2022.

Platform – PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC 

5. Gran Turismo 7

Release Date – March 4

Gran Turismo 7 was actually scheduled for 2021. However, Sony developed the game with the most realistic graphics possible in a driving simulation title. After Microsoft’s Froza Horizon 4, Gran Turismo 7 will drive 2022 crazy with incomparable racing experiences.

Platforms – PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5

6. Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Release Date – March 25

Remember Borderlands 2? Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep was an interesting title. Gearbox recognized the hype and came up with a kind of sequel. Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is a fantasy-based RPG game. New graphics, new designs, and new quests will provide you with a unique experience this time.

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7. Forspoken

Release Date – May 24

Frey is a woman living in New York. One day, she found herself somewhere else in a magical land ruled by Tantas. Not a dream but she was transported. Frey needs to use her superpowers to save the land so that she can come back home safely. The adventure will be restless with several challenges on its way. Intense graphics will give you a natural feel when you walk through the magical land.

Platforms – PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5

8. Saints Row

Release Date – August 22

A new Saints Row game is coming this year. The fifth game of the series is not Saints Row V but only Saints Row. The game will feature an open-world sandbox like the previous versions. Not to mention, this time you will face more challenges and tactical situations. Compared with Saints Row IV, Saints Row will be an out-of-the-box insane experience.

9. Starfield

Release Date – November 11

The creator of Fallout and The Elder Scrolls complimented the game as “Skyrim in Space.” Starfield is a new title by Bethesda. This is a game featuring 300 years from now. There will be a great war in space. You can play as an explorer or join the bloody war. The creator of the game says after playing over 100 hours, you won’t be able to discover everything. The game is very dynamic and unpredictable.

Platforms – Xbox Series X|S, and PC with Game Pass

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Wrapping Up

These are the upcoming top 9 games of 2022. This year is gonna be an insane one. You see, the gaming industry is taking games to another level. Stay tuned for more game updates and news.


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