Two Samsung Internet Features that Google Chrome Lacks

Samsung Internet

Samsung Internet, one of the rising stars in the Andriod world. Probably you care more about Chrome or Firefox and missed something that’s getting better day by day. Here are Samsung Internet features that Google Chrome must have before –

Disabling the Autoplaying of Videos

When you browse through a website, it is quite natural that there are certain things that annoy you like pop-ups, auto-playing videos, unwanted ads, and the list goes on. Probably nothing bothers you other than auto-playing a video suddenly with sound to put you in absolute embarrassment.

Samsung Internet got your back. Samsung’s user experience is becoming incomparable these days. Samsung Internet is a part of the scheme too. You can enable or disable the auto-playing of videos while browsing with just a tap on your Android smartphone. Go to settings of Samsung browser and toggle the button that says “Allow Autoplay.” Boom! your embarrassment is on a vacation forever unless you want that back. Can Google Chrome do something like this simple?

Yes, you might say that Google Chrome can let you mute websites. Manually you can mute one site at a time. Don’t you appreciate something more productive that Samsung is offering based on the users’ survey? Think again.

Dark Theme on All Sites

Dark theme is a very popular feature almost everyone likes to have at the apps they use. For AMOLED screens, a dark theme does a favor with battery life. However, Chrome can not avail all websites to dark mode. Some websites need special actions before they let you allow their dark theme like user login for example.

Well, guess what? Samsung Internet loads a website depending on your theme settings. If you are on dark mode every website will be shown in dark mode. Do not you want Chrome to have this much customization?

Samsung Internet offers more, in case you are assuming whether that’s all or not. You can switch between themes even inside the browser. You can go to the settings of the browser app. There you will see a toggle that says “Light Mode.” Toggle to get your desired theme on your favorite site anytime.

Samsung is making everything better. Their very own browser is not off the list. Anyway, Google Chrome should watch this.

Wrapping Up

Samsung Internet is not for Samsung only, it is for all Andriod devices right now. Samsung is offering some pretty productive features that a lot of other browsers are not aware of. People often ignore the built-in app but Samsung Internet? If you ignore it, you will be depriving yourself. The App is getting better day by day.

Comment below what else you find productive as Samsung Internet Features that other browsers do not have. Share your thoughts with us. Tell us what you want us to cover next. We will be happy to hear from our Friends!

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