WhatsApp Multi-device Sync is On Its Way

WhatsApp’s Multi-device Sync is On Its Way

WhatsApp multi-device sync will be out soon. WhatsApp is enriching its features. Most of the social messaging apps support multi-device sync except WhatsApp until now. Here’s how the feature will work-

Enabling Multi-device Sync

WhatsApp multi-device sync is now in the beta stage with version The idea is after data migration from the mother device to the child device, both of the devices will link to the same account. Devices with the same and linked WhatsApp account will have the compatibility to sync data. Therefore it seems that data migration is possibly the first step of the process.

What will Sync and What won’t

After completion of the setup, Syncing will work like mirroring data between the Devices simultaneously. According to the report, if you pin a message, delete any and/or send any messages that will be visible on both devices in real-time. 

Not everything out there will be synced in the WhatsApp multi-device sync feature. If you delete an entire chat on a device that will not be synced on the other device. This has been done to address the issue of accidental deletion of the whole chat. However, as the feature is in the beta stage, there will be several reviews and adjustments before releasing the feature to everyone. There might be additional controls with this feature as well.

Feature’s Release Date

The feature will be pushed to everyone after successful testing and tweaking. WhatsApp mentioned such a feature back in 2020. Now they are working on it. The team did not say anything about the release date. It is assumed to be coming soon within a few days.

Wrapping Up

WhatsApp planned such a sync feature across multiple devices for quite some time. WhatsApp is tweaking the app for a better user experience. Recently they have added data migration from Android to iOS and vice versa. WhatsApp is focusing to serve its Fans to the best. 

Comment below What do you think about the upcoming multi-device syncing on WhatsApp. Share your thoughts with us. Tell us what you want us to cover next. We will be happy to hear from our Friends!

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