Which Mac Should You Pick in 2021?

iMac on the table and a MacBook in front of it. Which Mac should you pick?

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Apple releases a number of Macs each year with distinctive features and functionalities. However, each of the products has its own targeted consumers. Let’s check out which one should be your pick –


From Apple’s WWDC21 keynote, redesign Mac is seen. M1-powered MacBooks got a lot of attention. Apple didn’t say anything about any Apple silicon-powered Mac Pro. Nevertheless, there are rumors. Apple feels comfortable inside its own boundary. Moving away from the intel chip gradually but quickly is a big step.

The company unveiled MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and iMac powered by an in-house M1 chip in late 2020. Not to mention small size Mac now uses an M1 chip as well. Mac Pro currently uses Intel Core i9 processors which is quite a beast. As the new updated SoC is coming, so is the new updated OS. Here are each of the Mac and their current stand considered to be the pick.

MacBook Air

Along with the latest M1 version of the SoC, MacBook Air was introduced back in 2020. This laptop, you can buy for a decent price of $999 for the base model you won’t regret. M1 MacBook Air has the same chip as the 13-inch MacBook Pro and 24-inch iMac has right now. The laptop features a slimmer design, thinner look, and excellent battery life. There is a difference among the M1 chips, which is nothing but either having the 7-core GPU or the 8-core GPU.

If you’re a student, writer, person who moves a lot during work, and mostly a mainstream user, MacBook Air is your best pick.


MacBook Pro

There is not much of a difference between a MacBook Air and a MacBook Pro with an M1 chip. However, 13-inch MacBook Pro is being pushed more towards performance compared to the less expensive MacBook Air. You are basically paying for the same MacBook Air but in addition to that, you’ve now a brighter screen, a fan-based cooling system, and the touch bar.

The 16-inch MacBook Pro still runs on the Intel chip. You can get up to 64GB RAM, AMD 5000 series GPU, and more options to make your laptop more professional. This variant is more performance-focused in a portable design. If you’re a content creator, web designer, programmer, and working in related fields, you can pick one of these variants.

Mac Mini

Mac Mini is the least expensive among the Macs which has macOS along with the powerful M1 chip. Moreover, the overlooked Mac Mini provides better performance than the M1 MacBook Pro. This Mini version is a product that you can use as a small production studio and it literally does the job done.  Mac Mini also offers portability so, yeah, you can give it a try if you’re low on a budget or you want to have a decent system that can handle your tasks smoothly like a MacBook pro.


24-inch iMac is a redesigned Mac with the M1 system inside. Nearly after 8 years, you get to see some improvements with the aesthetics on Mac as soon as you look at it. Apple didn’t compromise anything with this product. There is a decent camera, impressive sound system, lightweight design, professional look, and everything else a decent PC should have.

If you’re a person who works from home, or even in an office and need a bigger screen to work on with the solid performance. iMac is a nice go for you. The distinctive it offers eventually represents your personality. So which Mac should you choose to pick?

Mac Pro

Mac Pro is the beast. This is the most insane you can go with a PC and money. Starting with $6,000, this one is powered by the Intel Xeon processors which AMD Radeon GPUs. How is 1.5TB RAM sounds? That’s possible right now if you’re willing to spend another $25,000 for the upgrade. Not to mention you’re gonna pay $400 for the wheels. Yeah, literally just for wheels, it’s $400!

If you’re insane and working like nothing on earth. Pick this one. However, Mac Pro is for people with intense works, mostly industry-level works require such a powerful machine. Jokes apart, Mac Pro is a serious Computer with some serious functionalities and no compromise to performance.

Wrapping Up

The thing is, people have purposes in their lives. Your’s one might not be a match to someone else’s. Pick what you need. Pay for the necessity. Apple products are premium and awesome. There is no looking down on any of them, it’s just what you feel you’re in need of. You can get something now or you can wait a bit more to see what’re the deals on 2021. Comment below which Mac should you choose to pick.


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