Why iPhone 14 Max is a Better Pick in 2022?

Why iPhone 14 Max is a Better Option in 2022

iPhone 14 series is coming later this fall. Among the 4 upcoming models, iPhone 14 Max is expected to be a better pick for most people. Let’s find out why-

Apple’s 2022 Strategy

Ever since Apple releasing iPhones, they don’t put a ton of changes to the newer models. Base iPhone models get a few new adjustments and features. On the other hand, pro models come with 2-1 exclusive features each year. iPhone 14 series has very few aspects that can hook you up with an expensive purchase.

Previously, Apple came up with 5.4-inch mini models, such as iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 13 mini. Surprisingly, iPhone 12 mini sucked due to poor battery life. Even though iPhone 13 has a better battery life, the small form factor is not liked by many. Apple did some market research and found consumers prefer decent screen sizes and great battery life in a smartphone. Thus, iPhone 14 Max comes in, a base model iPhone with a screen size as big as iPhone 14 Pro Max with expected great battery life. Well, obviously, a 6.7-inch phone must contain a bigger battery.

Apple wants more consumers to connect to its ecosystem. It’s not only about selling expensive devices. The more people they can keep in their ecosystem, the more profit they will eventually make by selling services and supporting accessories. Thus, iPhone 14 Max is great to grab the attention of many.

iPhone 14 Max Features

iPhone 14 Max will come with a 6.7-inch OLED display with a smaller notch rather than the pill-shaped hole-punch camera cut out. Even though this gonna be a new release but A16 bionic chip will not be powering this model. In Apple’s defense, they think the A16 bionic chip will suit more with the pro models, and iPhone 14 base models should perform better with the A15 Bionic chip. It is rumored that Apple will tweak A15 bionic chip to improve performance for iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max.

You will get a 12 MP wide-angle cam as the primary shooter and another 12 MP telephoto shooter. Selfie shooter across all the 14 line up will be the same 12 MP one. In-camera the department, only pro models will have the 45 MP rare cam; otherwise, every other camera feature remains almost the same.

The iPhone 14 Max will come with non-expandable 128 GB/256 GB/512 GB internal storage with 6 GB RAM. The phone comes with Wi-Fi 6, 5G connectivity, fast charging, fast wireless charging, and not to mention without a headphone jack.

To differentiate pro models from base ones, iPhone 14 Max will not exclusively feature a 45 MP rare shooter, the pill-shaped camera cut-out, and ProMotion display. However, you will be getting a 4,325 mAh battery in the iPhone 14 Max, which is almost the same as the 4,323 mAh of the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Speaking of which, iPhone 14 Max might offer better battery life than the other 14 models in real-life usage.

Why iPhone 14 Max Should be Your Pick

Due to global chip shortage, Apple is increasing prices on their products, iPhone 14 will come with a price tag of $799 (which is the same price iPhone 13 came with), iPhone 14 Max with $899, iPhone 14 Pro with $1,099 (which $100 more than iPhone 13 Pro came with) and iPhone 14 Pro Max with $1,199 (which $100 more than iPhone 13 Pro Max came with). And price plays a vital role when you’re planning to buy something.

iPhone 14 Max with an $899 price tag is a better buy. You see, for an additional $200 you will get an A16 bionic chip, a 45 MP camera, and a ProMotion display with a pill-shaped camera cut out; however, you are actually getting a 6.1-inch iPhone 14 Pro, and not 6.7-inch 14 Pro Max. On the other hand, iPhone 14 Max has a massive 6.7-inch display. If you are not into extensive photography and are not a tech geek, you can ditch iPhone 14 Pro models.

You see, iPhone’s performance rarely fluctuates when compared to base and pro models; even with older models. A15 Bionic chip can be a year old but still performs way ahead of every other chip on the market. If Apple tweaks the A15 bionic chip, I think iPhone 14 Max would be worth buying cause the 14 Pro models will offer fewer features compared to the high prices.

If you are using an iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 series, you can skip iPhone 14 models this year as well. As there the changes are entirely internal for iPhone 14 models; even buying an iPhone 13 model is good for 2022. However, if you’re coming from an iPhone 11 or older, and wish to have a massive display with great value, get iPhone 14 Max.

Wrapping up

Apple iPhone 14 Max will be a nice phone to have in 2022. As Apple is not upgrading much and putting a higher price tag on the Pro models, the iPhone 14 Max should be a better pick in 2022 with a decent price tag. Ask yourself, How often will you use the 45 Mp camera? Is it worth spending $1,099 on an iPhone just for the pill-shaped hole punch cut-out and ProMotion display? Stay tuned for more and comment below what’s your thought on iPhone 14 lineup.

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