Why Nine out of Ten US Teens prefer iPhones over Androids?

Teens Like iPhone More

There’s always been a competition between iOS and Android or Android and iOS. It might take days and weeks to choose the better pick. iPhones or Androids?

The Abstract
Recently an investment institution decided to find out iOS or Android, Which one is more popular. A poll was a poll for this survey. All the participants were from the US. The result showed, Nine out of ten US teens prefer iPhone over an Android device.

The Survey
It was a semi-annual survey. 7000 participants across 47 states voted. They were 16 – 25 years old. 88% of them own an iPhone. 90% of them think iPhone is better and their next buy.

Apple has very impressive popularity in North America. Back in 2020, a report showed that one in every two smartphones sold was an iPhone. Europe and Asia or you can say the rest of the world is dominated by Android.

Why iPhone is popular in North America?

The north American market is dominated by iPhones. There is noticeable popularity of the company, Apple. Teens are focused on Apple for the security and simple use of Apple Pay. iMessage and FaceTime are the two weaknesses of the teens. The ecosystem is very handy and powerful among apple devices.

Apple offers longer support for their older models. Even in 2021 iPhone 7 will get an iOS 15 update as soon as iPhone 13 comes into the market. Apple does good with security and brings the latest features in a more optimized way.

Apple devices do a pretty much good job in the performance and camera departments. Teens are more into taking pictures and surfing on the internet. iPhones do serve the purpose.

Good Deals to Have 

Carriers offer better deals on iPhones as well. Recently iPhone 11 was given free as soon as someone purchases a subscription from Verizon. Actually getting an iPhone with an affordable down-payment is much more of a better buy in North America. Apple’s customer support is very much responsive and getting a replacement for a faulty device under warranty is easier. Apple iPhones are premium devices. Having an iPhone literally adds weight to a teen.

Why Avoiding Android?

Android devices need more optimization. If you buy an android flagship there is no surety that tomorrow you will get the latest android support and security patches. Companies take good care of the High-end Android devices. Buying a mid-range device might make you suffer within the next six months.

Speed and Performance Degrades

Android devices perform less after some days of usage. This is one of the most common complaints that almost every android owner has. The majority of the brand new Android devices start to get slower after Six to Nine months of the purchase.

Less OS Support 

As Android OS is used by a lot of companies and a maximum of them do not have their own chipset, a number of Android devices suffer the most. A few days back Samsung received an update. Soon after the update, a lot of Brawl star players reported that their phone is not working properly. These are the common casualties that android users face often.

Useless Buil-in Apps

Android doesn’t offer better built-in apps. Most of the built-in Android apps are simply trash. The Apps that come from the manufacturing companies aren’t great as well. People use third-party apps which are compatible with almost all other platforms as well.

Unorganized Ecosystem

Android users have to use a wide range of apps. There is not a complete Ecosystem that has everything organized. A number of logins to a number of Apps are required to properly sync and organize data of all types.

Android is Better on Other Aspects 

Android offers full customization. Freedom to choose how your device interacts with you. You can get the most out of a device. Android flagships are awesome with the highest numbers on their specs sheets. If Ecosystem is not a matter to you, You are comfortable with third-party apps, and You prefer freedom over an optimized prison. Android is your pick.

Wrapping up
Everything has positive sides and negative sides. iPhone is popular for the optimized and precise software combination with its hardware. Android is more focused on a wide range of customizations with a huge number of options to choose from. iPhone has attractive characteristics. Android has praise-worthy features. Both of them are popular on their own grounds.

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