Windows 11 Android App Emulation: Here’s Why Samsung Isn’t Rushing

Windows 11 Android App Emulation

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Windows 11 Android App emulation will allow you to run Android Apps, in case you missed the hype. However, the Apps will run more or less in a native way like on the Android devices and Samsung has been improving its DeX for a couple of years now. Right now Samsung seems not that much interested in this Android App emulation thing. Let’s check out why –

The Microsoft & Samsung Effort

Samsung and Microsoft are the leading companies to take technology in another dimension. Windows and Android needed a bridge to offer a unified user experience to all. Windows 11 is making that possible with their Android emulation, just like Samsung tried to do with their DeX.

Nothing is better than the attempt of connecting smartphones and desktop computers in this era of technology. You see, Apple is getting popular just because of such compatibilities they offer. If someone has an iPhone the next thing that person looks for buying is a MacBook or iPad. You might call it getting stuck into the Apple ecosystem but there are funs and conveniences.

It is worth mentioning that, even though Samsung has previous attempts on the same idea but Microsoft approached Amazon over South Korean tech giant. In case you’re thinking Amazon is weaker on the side than Samsung, well, think twice cause Amazon has the same potential to roll with Android expertise.

Here’s a point, DeX is now actually a useful option for Samsung users and the Samsung store is not great but better than Amazon’s alternative to the Play Store. Even though Microsoft and Samsung share the same goal but Samsung hasn’t said a word about this Windows 11 feature.

To refute the fact, Amazon has much control over the marketplace and that’s by the blessings on every Android device running right now. Emulation is not actually an App replacement rather integrating on another system by creating the same native environment for the App. Even Microsoft didn’t clear things about the process of emulating. So seems everything is now hazy for all.

Wrapping Up

Microsoft has rough days and had to discontinue Windows 10X. Windows 11 is another chance where the company can do something awesome. Technology is advancing at its own pace so there’s no waiting for it. When something better comes out the previous one retires.

Samsung is silent and that doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate and maybe it’s the other way around. Anyway, ultimately there’re some changes coming with something new for all. Stay tuned for more updates about the Windows 11 Android App emulation.

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