Witcher Season 2 is Coming to Netflix on December 17

Witcher Season 2 in December 17

Image credit – Netflix

Geralt of Rivia is coming back. It’s high time you sharpen your swords and get your coins ready. On December 17, 2021, Witcher season 2 will be revealed at the WitcherCon event which will be hosted by Netflix and CD Projekt Red altogether.

Season 2

However, Netflix didn’t release the entire trailer yet but some teasers are there. The coin tossing scene and a new look of Jaskier including episode titles are out there.

Witcher, the series, is much different from the game. You see, the series is taken directly from the novel written by the Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski.

The short stories of the novel are basically portrayed in the episodes. Witcher, the game, has stories made up based on the ideas from the actual novel.

Another Witcher Show

Season 2 of Witcher is the prolonged plan that Netflix has with the franchise. Moreover, a six-part live-action miniseries, The Witcher: Blood Origin is the additional prequel of the main show.

The series will tell about the creation and origin of magical mutations, the Witchers. Not to mention the series will elaborately show the background of the Witchers and their fantasy world.

Witcher Anime

Apart from all this, Netflix is working on an anime as well, The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf, which will come later in 2021. Studio Mir, Korean Animation Studio, is handling that one.

Wrapping Up

Netflix is serious about the Witcher and investing a lot. Witcher is one of the most-watched shows on Netflix soon after the initial release and has a huge positive public feedback. Stay tuned for more updates on Witcher Season 2 which comes in this December.

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