Xbox Cloud Gaming is Available in Xbox App for Windows Now

Xbox Cloud Gaming Windows through Xbox App
Image credit - Xbox

Microsoft has long-term plans with Xbox Cloud Gaming which now Windows users can access through the Xbox App. You can play all Cloud Games on your PC and even on iOS devices. The service has a web version as well. Let’s check more –


Xbox Cloud Gaming is an extension of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. With this Microsoft premium game subscription, users can get over 100 games to play on the pc or Xbox consoles. Not to mention, Cloud gaming even allows users to play on their smartphones and tablets. To play these games you don’t need any expensive gaming rigs. You can get the high-quality gaming experience leveraging Microsoft servers.

Xbox Insider Program

However, you need to participate in the Xbox insider program to avail all these exclusive offers. Xbox insider program is different from the Windows insider program. If you want to enroll in the program, here’s what you should do –

For starters, you need to install the Xbox Insider Hub. Then you need to sign up for the program along with other Xbox insider tests. After signing up, you have to check for updates in the Microsoft Store for the latest version of the Xbox App. If every you did correctly, you should see the Cloud Gaming tab on the Xbox app.

Wrapping Up

Cloud Gaming experience on the Xbox app will be similar to the web version. You can get quick access and a fluid interface in the app. Xbox app will provide you some privileges but performance will depend on your cable connection. However, you can avoid signing for the Xbox Insider Program and click here to play games on your browser as well. You can also buy the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription to access lots of games. A three-month subscription has $5 off right now for Xbox Cloud Gaming on Windows and so, you can check out below –

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate by Microsoft

[For US People]

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate by Microsoft

[For European People]

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